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Bonus Bets

Bonus Bet Redemption

What is a Bonus Bet?

A Bonus Bet is a token of a dollar value that you can use to place a Fixed Odds bet of your choice – these are referred to as a "Bonus Bet" on our website or mobile app.

How do I use a Bonus Bet?

To use your Bonus Bet, put your desired selection in the bet slip. You will see in the bet slip an option to use a ‘Bonus Bet’ for this bet.

Note: Bonus Bets are not displayed in your account balance.

Click on the drop down bar called ‘Select a Bonus Bet to apply’ where you will see any available Bonus Bets that you can use on the bet/s in your betslip.

From the Bonus Bets drop down list, select the Bonus Bet you would like to use. This will then apply the Bonus Bet to that selection.

If you are only wanting to place a bet using your Bonus Bet you do not need to enter a $ value in the stake box - instead leave the stake box blank and make sure your Bonus Bet is applied. 

Please note the expiry date of the Bonus Bet.

‘Potential Return’ is displayed underneath your selected bet. This is calculated as ‘Dividend’ (Total winnings) minus the value of the Bonus Bet you have applied. (e.g. Potential Dividend $70.00 – Bonus Bet Stake $10.00 = Potential Return of $60.00)

Bonus Bet Terms and Conditions

Bonus Bets - FAQs

How do I receive Bonus Bets?

Bonus Bets are given to customers for many reasons which can include:

  • Sign up offers
  • Weekly specials as advertised on site
  • Personalised offers sent via email, SMS or via push notification from the TAB App
  • Prizes for games, such as TAB Match 3 and TAB Apprentice

How do I opt in to receive Bonus Bets?

To receive Bonus Bets, you need to ensure that you are opted in to receive marketing material. To check these settings, first make sure you are logged in, then click your username in the top right corner, and select ‘Account’. This will take you to the ‘My Account’ page.

From here click ‘Update Profile’ and then scroll down the page until you come across the ‘Can We Contact You?’ section and you can select the communication channels you want to be contacted via (Email, Text, Mobile App Notification).

How do I Split my Bonus Bet?

At this point in time, a Bonus Bet cannot be split into smaller amounts. The Bonus Bet must be used in full.

How are Bonus Bets paid out?

When you place a bet using a Bonus Bet the winnings are calculated differently to a cash bet. A bet placed with a Bonus Bet will pay out the winnings minus the Bonus Bet stake.

For example, if you placed a $20 Bonus Bet at odds of $10 your winnings would be $180. This is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds ($20x $10 = $200) and then subtracting the stake of the bet ($200 – $20 = $180).

Can I use my Bonus Bet as part payment for a bet?

Yes, If the stake is greater than the Bonus Bet's value, the customers balance will be used to make up the difference. The Transaction History will only show the amount the customer contributed, not the total amount of the bet.

Can I use by Bonus Bets via Retail or Touchtone?

No. Bonus Bets can only be used and placed online at or via the TAB Mobile App.

I can’t select my Bonus Bet when I’m putting on a bet, why?

Your Bonus Bet will only be available for use on designated markets and in accordance with the specific terms of the offer. Bonus Bets cannot be used on Tote Racing options and on Racing Exotics products (i.e. Quinella, Trifecta, First4, Treble, Quaddie, Pick6).

Do Bonus Bets I receive have an expiry date?

Yes. The expiry date depends on the promotional period relating to the campaign you receive the Bonus Bet through. The expiry date of the Bonus Bet will be visible in the title of the Bonus Bet you receive.

Bonus Bet Expiry