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Cash Out

What is Cash Out?

Cash Out is available on or the TAB Mobile App on selected markets. This feature gives you the option of ending your Fixed Odds bet before the event is resulted.

Markets that will have the Cash Out feature available are denoted with the ‘Cash Out’ icon.

Cash Out Logo

The Cash Out feature is available on selected events and can be applied to both Single Fixed Odds bets and Multi bets so if the odds change in your Single bet, or if you’re live going into the last leg of a Multi, you can request to cash out.


How can I request a Cash Out amount?

To cash out any of your pending bets, click on the ‘Cash Out’ button which is located on the right-hand side of the site. Here we’ll show you any bets that are eligible to be cashed out.

Cash Out Tab

The Cash Out value is displayed in yellow below your bet. To finalise your cash out, simply click confirm.

Cash Out Value Image

Can I call to request a Cash Out amount?

No. Cash Out is only available on or on our app.

How is Cash Out calculated?

The Cash Out offer is calculated by taking multiple factors into account, including your initial bet amount, your potential return, and any change in the odds of your selection/s.

Why isn’t Cash Out available on my bet?

There are several reasons that may mean Cash Out is not available on your bet. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • When a relevant bet type is suspended or has been closed.

  • When the bet is on a Handicap market. This includes Points Starts and Totals options

  • Your bet has been placed on a race that has incurred a deduction (this occurs when a favoured runner is scratched from a race that you placed your bet on). Cash out will not be available on any bets placed on a race with a deduction, regardless of whether the bet was placed before or after the deduction was applied.

  • Multis that have a winning leg due to a dead-heat. This is common in horse racing and golf bets.

  • Some lower tier events. For example Speedway markets.

  • Options that are currently closed. This includes Futures options which have been closed prior to the final field being declared. Bets on a Futures market will not transfer to the Final Field market.

  • You may have more than 20 bets in your account. Only 20 bets are available to display Cash Out offers at any one time.

Is Cash Out available during Live Betting?

Yes. Please be aware that odds change regularly, and can often be suspended, during live betting. If odds are suspended you will not be able to cash out at that time, and if odds have changed prior to confirming your cash out you can either confirm or cancel the new offer.

Why isn’t the Cash Out offer updating?

Simply click the Update All Values button to get your latest Cash Out offer

Update Cash Out Value Image

Why has the Cash Out offer stayed the same in my Multi after I’ve won a leg?

Cash Out gives you a reasonably generous offer in the initial stages of your Multi bet which will sometimes mean that the offer stays the same even after you have won a leg.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the TAB Contact Centre on 0800 102 106 or [email protected].