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Online - Credit/Debit Card

Credit/Debit Card Deposits

You can deposit funds directly into your account using your credit/debit card on, and on the TAB Mobile App. In most cases the money is deposited into your TAB Account immediately. 

You may use an existing card or add a new card on your TAB profile to make your deposit. The Promotional Code box does not need to be filled out.

Please note: You will not be able to add a card to your account that is already being used on someone else's TAB account or is in someone else's name. 

For existing cards, you will be asked to re-enter you TAB account password for your funds to be deposited into your account.

Card Deposit


Bill Payment

Customers can top up their TAB Account via their online/mobile banking bill payments. The funds will be applied into their TAB account the same day for ANZ and ASB customers.

Customers with other bank accounts can enjoy same day processing Monday to Friday however funds deposited on the weekend or on a public holiday will be processed on the next business day.

For example, if you don’t bank with ANZ or ASB and you deposit money late Friday night or on Saturday or Sunday, this won’t show in your TAB account until Monday morning. See below for more information on processing times.

To make a payment, you can either:

1. Set this up via online/mobile banking.

In the payment screen you can manually set up the bill payment using the details below or use the search function. In the new person/company search, look for:

TAB/NZ Racing Board (this is our ASB account) OR TAB/NZ Racing Board - ANZ

And select the account you wish to deposit your funds into.


2. Contact your bank to organise a bill payment service directly from your personal bank account into your TAB Account

Please insert the following details in the reference fields: 

Reference: Your TAB Account number
Particulars: Your TAB Account surname (do not include account nicknames or syndicate names)
Code: Nothing required

ASB Account Details
Account name: TAB New Zealand
Account number: 12-3142-0011841-00

ANZ Account Details
Account name: TAB New Zealand
Account number: 01-1839-0077753-08

International Bank Accounts: Please use our ANZ account and note there may be delays when you will see the funds in your TAB Account.
Telegraphic transfer:  01-1839-0077753-08
Swift Code: ANZBNZ22

Please note: This information must be correct otherwise this may result in a delay to funds being applied to your TAB account or your deposit may be returned to your Bank. If you are not sure what your TAB account number is please check with us.

Payments from a company bank account or any type of trust account are not accepted and will be reversed. Reversals may not be processed until the next business day, once we have confirmed the source bank account number to reverse the funds to.

Any deposits made with uncleared funds will be held until cleared by the payer’s bank.


ASB - The automated deposit system operates between the hours of 10.15am and 11pm, seven days a week. Deposits are processed regularly as soon as they’ve reached our ASB bank account, with an early morning ‘catch-all’ service at 5am to process overnight deposits. If you need your funds available at a specific time please take the processing times detailed below into account.

ANZ - The automated deposit system operates between the hours of 9am and 10pm, seven days a week. Deposits are processed regularly throughout the day as soon as they’ve reached our ANZ bank account, with an early morning ‘catch-all’ service at 5am to process overnight deposits. If you need your funds available at a specific time please take the processing times detailed below into account.

Weekends and Public Holidays - Both banks will only process deposits from their own accounts on weekends and public holidays. For all other banks, your funds will be applied to your TAB account on the next business day.

Approximate Deposit Timings

Please note: Bank transfer times are approximate. TAB cannot guarantee your funds will be visible in your account balance within the time frames stated below.

Bank Deposit Timings Image


Online EFTPOS is a simple, secure way for customers to deposit funds to their TAB account, directly from their bank account.  Online EFTPOS is a very safe and secure way to make payments as you’re not asked for any bank or card details, instead payments are approved within your Mobile App.  Payments are also paid to your TAB account instantly, so there is no waiting for banks to transfer the funds.

Despite the name Online EFTPOS, you do not need an EFTPOS card, instead you just need your mobile phone with your bank app installed.

Online EFTPOS is currently available with the following banks:

  • ANZ
  • ASB
  • BNZ
  • Westpac
  • Co-Operative

More banks are developing this payment type and will come online, so if your bank is not currently accepting Online EFTPOS payments check back soon.

How do I make an Online EFTPOS payment?

On the deposit screen of then select ‘Online EFTPOS’ then enter the amount that you wish to deposit, followed by ‘Initiate Deposit’:

Online Eftpos 1

Select your bank and enter your mobile number before clicking ‘Next’:

Online Eftpos 2

Online Eftpos 3

Open your banking app and approve the payment via an in-app notification:

Online Eftpos 4

Select which account to take the funds from:

Online Eftpos 4

You will then see confirmation that the payment has been completed:

ASB - Online Eftpos


First time BNZ users

BNZ has a separate process for a customer using Online EFTPOS for the first time.  The first time BNZ user process will redirect you to log in to your BNZ account using their customer number and password.   Once you’ve completed this, you will be able to approve your payment as usual.

Please note that this is for a BNZ customer who has never used Online EFTPOS at any store or merchant.  Once you have completed this process once, all future Online EFTPOS payments will be through the standard process.

For further help or information about Online EFTPOS please click here to be redirected to the Worldline (Paymark) Online EFTPOS help page.

TAB Retail Stores

2. TAB Store

Cash & Eftpos

You'll need to complete a deposit slip in a TAB Store and enter your PIN to make the deposit.  For deposits over $5,000 a deposit slip must be completed and identification provided.


Cheques are no longer accepted at TAB stores.

Please note: New customers who have established their account in the last 7 days and who have not yet completed their identity verification process will only be able to deposit $500 over this 7 day period.