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Trackside TV


Tune in to TAB Trackside 1 on SKY channel 62, and TAB Trackside 2 on SKY channel 63.

Watch TAB Trackside 1 or TAB Trackside 2 online via the Watch & Bet online streaming service . 

TAB account with a positive balance required and you must be in NZ.

It's easy to find which channel your race is on - just check your bet ticket, the on-screen graphics or the TV schedule page.

Trackside - FAQs

Where can I watch TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2?

You can watch TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 on SKY channels 62 and 63; you will need to press channel up/down to watch the race or channel of your choice, or key in '062' or '063' to bring up these channels. If you have a TAB online account with a positive account balance, you can view Watch & Bet Racing on our TAB website. TAB stores also show both channels.

How do I know which channel is which?

Each channel has a distinct colour theme; Trackside 1 is blue and Trackside 2 is orange.

Can I watch two channels at the same time?

Our TAB stores show both channels side by side.

How do I know which channel I should be watching for a specific race?

Both TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 display information on what is coming up on both channels. The channel information is also displayed on betting tickets, in TAB stores on the Retail Display Screen, online, & self-service terminals. 

How do I find out what's going to be on the TV today?

You can view the entire day's racing schedule with channel information online here.

Our presenters and our TV display information also tell you which channel a specific race is on.

TAB stores also provide information about which channel each race is on via their retail display screens and printed Race lists.

How do I find the Sky TV guide?

The Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) on Sky shows you which race meetings will be on which channel. To use the Sky guide, press the 'G' button on your remote control (or 'Guide' button if you have MySKY). You will find TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 within the sports section; you can use the up and down arrows on your remote control to navigate to the correct channel.

I would like to give feedback, how do I do that?

We want to hear from you. TAB Trackside aims to provide you with a great viewing and listening experience. So if you feel like we are doing a great job or you are not happy with one of our products we would like to know about it. 

Contact us on: 
Phone: 0800 102 106 
Email: [email protected]

I want to make a formal complaint about something on TAB Trackside TV, how do I do that?

There are two ways to make a formal complaint to TAB Trackside:

  1. Contact our Customer Contact Centre which can be reached by calling 0800 102 106.
  2. Put your complaint in writing and post it to us.

If you are writing to us, you must do the following:

Address it to:
Broadcasting Complaints
PO Box 37649
Auckland 1151

State the name of the programme, the station it was on, and the time and date you saw or heard it
Say which broadcasting standard(s) you think it breached, and why.

For more on the broadcasting standards regime, or for copies of all broadcasting codes, visit the BSA website.