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Online Withdrawals

You can withdraw funds from your TAB account into a bank account by logging onto and going to the ‘Withdrawal’ page in the Account section. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.01. Please note the processing time frames vary depending on your banking provider.

How do I know if my funds are withdrawable ?

Withdrawable Balance

Your withdrawable balance is shown along with your Account Balance in your Account Dashboard. 

How do I withdraw my funds online?

1. Click on “Withdraw” in your Account Dashboard.

2. Select ‘Bank Transfer’

3. Select or add a bank account to withdraw money into

4. Enter the amount and your password

5. Click ‘Withdraw Funds’

Withdraw Bank Acct Image

Please note: Online withdrawals can only be made to a New Zealand Bank Account.

TAB reserves the right to not allow the withdrawal of funds where bets are placed and then cashed out.

Uncleared Funds

The TAB cannot give you cash on funds that have been deposited by a Credit Card or VISA/Mastercard Debit Card online and have not been used for betting. For the purpose of withdrawals, betting does not include bets that are placed and then cashed out.

If you would like to access these funds, then you will need to have them refunded back onto the originating Credit/Debit card. This is to protect you from unauthorised Credit Card activity.

To arrange a refund of funds back onto the originating card, please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106 or email [email protected].

Retail Withdrawals

You can make a cash or voucher withdrawal on-course or at a TAB Store.

You will need to provide Photo ID, your TAB Account number and PIN. To locate your local TAB Store click here.

As of 25 May 2021, there is now a daily cash withdrawal limit of $1000 in TAB retail stores and on-course venues. Multiple withdrawals can be made in a single calendar day (12am - 11:59pm), but cannot exceed $1000 cumulatively.

This withdrawal limit does not apply to online withdrawals. Alternatively, you can withdraw larger funds from your TAB account into a New Zealand bank account by going to the 'Withdrawal' page in the Account section of

Please note: New customers who have established their account in the last 7 days will only be able to make withdrawals after completing their Identity verification process’. Please refer to the attached IDV grace period change memo for more details.